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Parents area in our creche in Leeds

Based in Leeds, Safari Cubs Nursery Creche wants to ensure you're involved in your child's development. We'll monitor and update you on your child's progression, keeping you informed about what they've learnt on their adventures.

Individual support for each child

Safari Cubs Nursery Creche wants to create a place where staff and parents work together to provide the best care for your child. We can discuss any special needs or requirements your child may have to help them integrate and feel happy in the nursery environment. We do this so we can provide fully tailored individual support for each child and ensure they have the best experience possible. This is necessary to help each child reach their full potential and learn more in a fully nurturing and stimulating environment. Call Safari Cubs Nursery Creche for more information regarding our nursery based in Leeds.
Get in touch with Safari Cubs Nursery Creche today. We are located in Leeds.
Unit 9a Curtis business house, 4 Berking Avenue LS9 9LF
Phone: 07803 330 128 or 0113 450 0435 or 01134409983
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